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drew one smooth, continuous line (with no loss of speed) through the arcs

Just a short note to let you know that I had a primo session this past weekend on da Monsta Jumbo Jet!

In chest-to-head-high waves with less push, I was able to crank up the speed off the bottom turns to set-up for tight top turns. During round-house cut-backs, the board held edge on the inside rail and drew one smooth, continuous line (with no loss of speed) through the arcs. With the large twin fins + small trailer fin set-up, it had heaps of drive and was loose enough to free up the tail for power-slide cutbacks.

In head-to-over-head-high waves with more push and a steeper wave face, max speed was almost instantaneous and carried all the way through bottom turns, top turns, and redirections. After the redirections, it took no more than 1-2 pumps to get the board flying again for the next round of maneuvers.

Once up and riding, the board felt much smaller and lighter than its 6’4″ dimensions. I liken it to a slightly scaled-up version of my 6’0″ Hideo.

Again, another magic board creation from Todd!

Dominic 57/5’9″/190-210
6’4” x 22” x 3 1/4” 50L Carbon Footprint Titanium II Jumbo Jet

dominic-jumbo-jet-hss dominic-jumbo-jet-showroom dominic-jumbo-jet-wood-floor jumbo-jet-trashcanlid-tail