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If I had a one board quiver this would be my top pick

Hey Proctor Family!

Finally getting back to you with feedback on my 7’0 Bullet as I wanted to really explore all the various fin combinations and give it ample time in the surf under various conditions. I already have a ton of FCS II fins as well as six different single fins I bought just to dial The Bullet.

Well, if I had a one board quiver this would be my top pick. I love it more and more. Keep in mind I’ve had seven custom beauties so far including four MonstaChiefs, two MonstaFishes, and lastly my new favorite The Bullet.

After trying all sorts of fin setups in the five boxes I’ve settled on two different single fins depending mostly on how steep the face is. Yup, I’m a single fin convert! If (when!) I order a 2nd Bullet I’ll go single fin box only. It works SO freaking good! The best feel of any board I’ve ever surfed while allowing me to surf the way I have the most fun … ultra smooth, flow, high lines, glide, top turns, tight pocket rocket, and stylish cutbacks.

Captain Fin Slasher 6.5”

Futures Tiller 8’0”

Another amazing creation from my friends at Proctor. Well done. Super duper triple Shaka stoked!

Yours truly,

Derek | Huntington Beach | 6’3”/250lb | Bullet 7’0″ x 23″ x 3 1/4″+ 65L Proxy epoxy