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I can honestly say that at 42 yrs of age I’ve been surfing top of my game…

Hi Charissa – I’ve been quite remiss in getting this email out…please tell Todd that

I’ve been ridiculously pleased with my Monsta shape.

At 195 lbs. / 6’, I was a little dubious about a 5’10””, but man was I wrong.

The board is perfectly fitted for my size and surfing ability…paddles great, picks off waves early, and SLAMS down power carves like nobody’s business.

I can honestly say that at 42 yrs of age I’ve been surfing top of my game…

blowing out tails, stomping big face carves, and executing better in-the-pocket surfing.

Recent trips to PR, Nicaragua,

and surfing gutless wind chop locally in South Florida,

perfectly displays the Monsta’s versatility.

This board has been my main go to for anything over waist and up to double overhead (the board absolutely shined in a sketchy 8’ plus session at Middles). I’m literally a walking/surfing billboard for Proctor, as recent local sessions in waist/chest high slop have been eye opening…with post surf questions from strangers asking what I’m riding. I unabashedly gush over your shapes and tell them to go buy one!!

I also want to thank you for the customer service.

I have a good friend and shaper, Briand A. Tudor (BAT) in Melbourne, FL who has been my trusted shaper for years. I’ve always appreciated his approachability to custom designs and willingness to dial me into the best equipment. Getting a custom shape on the West coast presents potential pitfalls, and quite frankly was a major concern initially. However, after talking with you and Todd I knew I was in good hands.

And indeed, the end result has been outstanding. Now I just need a few more in my quiver 🙂

All the best,

Matt Herren
5’10” x 19 5/8″ x 2 3/8″ rounded squashtail Monsta v.2
age: 42 exp: 30 years ht: 6’0″ wt: 195-200



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