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I am 100% sure that I have the best skateboard I have ever owned

Hi Todd and Charissa,

I swear that I am not a serial testimonial guy but I have to tell you how much I LOVE MY MONSTA SKATE! I have only given a testimonial/review for one other service/business other than yours.

Obviously I love my surfboards and I feel that I have the best quiver in my 25 or so years of surfing.

Now I am 100% sure that I have

the best skateboard I have ever owned.

I can’t believe I am saying that at 39 years of age. I ride it all the time either for a few quick pumps around my street, long distance sidewalk sessions and some downhill action. The board is a full work out and feels just like your on the water or even snowboarding in the powder, insane. I haven’t really surfed due to a sprained ankle so I haven’t seen the benefits in my surfing yet.

I got my friend in Carlsbad so pumped just by telling him about it an he saw your video and then he just ordered one from you. He has been showing the video to his friends down there and everyone is psyched.

I went to the Ripcurl shop and a shop guy and I tested my skate vs. the T. Knox demo in the lot and we both agreed that the Monsta pumped faster and had a more carvy feel which made it more fun!!!

The wheel base makes all the difference.

Your surfboards in the shop look really good.

We did a bunch of family pics on the beach at Mandalay and even did some skate pics. Attached is one with my Monsta, it goes every where and I am always promoting it (and the surfboards as well).

Super Stoked! I wish you both much success and happiness as well as have a very Happy Holiday season!

Paul Jorgensen