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you created a masterpiece for me and it is my quiver of choice by farrrrrr.

Hey Todd my name is Alec and I ordered a board from you about 2 years ago and it is phenomenal.

I got it on St. Pattys Day and

it’s the only board I’ve ridden since.

Its a 5’10” Greased Rascal with a 5 fin setup. I live in New Jersey so I usually use the quad set up but when it gets big with hurricane swell I usually rock the thruster set up.

Honestly man the board is so amazing I can catch basically any wave with a few paddles if I’m in the optimal spot.

It is great at catching waves, it’s extremely fast, I can make a lot of sections I otherwise wouldn’t be able to make if i was riding a different board, and most of all i can get barreled out of my mind because of the way it just sits in the pocket of the wave.

You really did shape the thing to perfection for me. I am so thankful I went through you to get my surfboard because I cant imagine riding anything else. I paid a ton of money for the board especially with the shipping and handling but it was worth every penny.

From the bottom of my heart man I appreciate you for crafting me this beautiful creation.

I just wanted to tell you that you

created a masterpiece for me and

it is my quiver of choice by farrrrrr.

I think that the board will last for a while because I’ve had it for two years now and aside from some dings it is in perfect condition. I think its because I had you put on the S-glass.  I surf a lot and I’m not easy on the board at all, it stands up to everything I put it through and it still looks great.

Thank you so much Todd, keep doing your thing man you shape a wicked stick!

Alec, Red Bank, New Jersey
age: 20 ht: 6’1″ wt: 185 lb
5’10” x 19 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ pulled swallow tail Greased Rascal


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