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I am still 100% completely satisfied

To Todd & Charissa Proctor,

I would like to again express my thanks for making me a quality board! I have had my Rocket 88 now for a little over three months and I am still 100% completely satisfied. I continually get comments on how cool the board looks. This is the second board I have owned and the fifth board I have ridden. My previous board was a 9’4 Robert August and just prior to buying your board I rode a 10’0″ Clyde Beatty Jr., 10’6″ Bruce Jones, and a 12’0″ Mickey Munoz. I still consider myself a beginner since I have only been surfing six months after a twelve year break. But, it was until recently that

I noticed how much better my Rocket 88 was over all the other boards I have ridden.

I took a co-worker out with me to teach him how to surf a few weeks ago. I gave my co-worker my Rocket 88 to try and I rented a 11’0″ Mickey Munoz. By the end of our session my co-worker was standing up and surfing without any assistance. After helping my friend I started catching some waves myself and it was at that time that I realized the difference in the performance of the two boards. It literally felt like I was driving a station wagon instead of a Porsche. My Rocket 88 turns on a dime despite it being 10’2″. The 11’0″ board I was using despite it being only 8″ longer felt like a tank and seemed to have a lot of drag. That afternoon made it clear to me that the Rocket 88 was a “Magic Board”. My surfing has dramatically progressed and I have yet to find a limitation with my Rocket 88. Thank you!


Mike Brown, 30, Ventura, CA
10’2″ x 23″+ x 3 3/8″ Rocket 88 Pulled-in Square Tail