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I am getting in tighter turns on the face

The Groveler IV-p has been amazing. The dimensions you recommended for this particular board

did exactly what you said it would do which was open up my surfing.

I’ll try and list what I am noticing on my board:

*The Board paddles great.
*The speed generated after the first pump is allowing me to start my turns earlier on the wave and not worry so much about trying to pump my way down the line wasting valuable wave time to set up the one or two turns I’ll get here at most of the beach-breaks.
* I am getting in tighter turns on the face.
* The rail is holding in really well on waves that are two feet over head .

Thanks again Todd, Zach Steele

Zach Steele, 27, San Diego, CA
6’1″ x 18 7/8″ x 2 3/8″ Groveler IV.p Squash

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