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I don’t think I’ll ride anything but a flexible epoxy for a long time

Following up on the other email…

I don’t think I’ll ride anything but a flexible epoxy for a long time.

I had ridden an epoxy board before, a “ST”, made with the usual PVC sandwich. I actually liked the board, being lighter and stronger, but it was nothing like your board.

I think that you have really perfected it, having the durability and the light weight, but with a board that has some real spring.

I rode it every day in Cabo and within the first few rides I was just sitting there, thinking that this was the best board I’d ever ridden. I really noticed it through my turns.

The board would curve with the wave and then spring me through my turns as I came around. The flexible epoxy has made me a better surfer and much more fluid.

Out of the two models, I got the lighter board with more flex and it’s a lot like your standard high performance shortboard with 4 oz. glassing, but better. It flexes, making turns harder and faster… just think about a snap, the tail of the flexible epoxy tweaks back and then snaps forward. I felt so much better and smoother.

It was just sick, the way it climbs foam and the way it works with you, flexing and snapping.

Thanks a lot Todd, for getting me the board before my trip and that nasty spray job

-Blair Berger, Cockeyesville, Maryland
5’11” x 18 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ Groveler IV.p ~ Proctor Custom Epoxy “PROXY” Series

A couple years later….
Hey Todd, i hope all is well in Ventura and with the board operations. I’ve had my hands full over the past few days with TS Ernesto-

we scored big and the flexible epoxy was there to get me through it.

I can’t believe the life this board has, it’s incredible. …. I have put that board through hell over the past two summers, just throwing it into the biggest and heaviest surf i could find, and it didnt disappoint. I will be talking with you in the near future about a new twig.

Blair Berger (MD)

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