First the board looks great, Paddles great, floats my big butt just fine

Todd and Charissa,

Well I took my new rocket 88 out Sunday, Strand was about chest high and very good shape. First the board looks great, Paddles great, floats my big butt just fine.

First wave came, about 5′ left. I paddled and was in the wave fast, the board dropped it, I stood, dropped to the bottom and made a big sweeping bottom turn. The board reacted just the way I wanted it to. There was about a 10′ long section just ahead of me,

I put just a little pressure on the inside rail and the board climbed to the top of the face and screamed passed the section onto the shoulder,I stepped back (I’m goofy foot) and the board responded with a very smooth and controlled cut back. The rest of the day was just as fun (until it blew out) this board did what I wanted it to. I’m stoked.

In the past 4 years I’ve owned 4 epoxies. This is by far the best epoxy I’ve ever been on.

The response of this board is like a very light weight 9’6″ glass board. While riding it I had to remained myself that it was an 10′ epoxy. it did not act like any epoxy I’ve every ridden. I love it. Todd did a fantastic job on this board and I could not be happier. Thanks for everything and the best board I’ve owned in many many years.
Dennis Stephens AKA nozrydr1, 57, Oxnard, CA
Proctor Custom Epxoy “PROXY” Surfboard: 10’0″ x 23 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ Classic Squaretail

[email protected]

surfboard review: custom epoxy classic longboards, ventura surf


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