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Best rides I’ve ever got in my life, ever!

Dear Todd and Charissa,

The Rascal II is magic!

Best rides I’ve ever got in my life, ever!

Thanks soooo muchhh for giving me so much stoke over the last week and looking forward to many to come!

It’s been incredible! And I can’t stop putting exclamation marks after my sentences!

Catching waves is a breeze (I expected to be suffering here moving down to a smaller board, but not at all), the board is stable enough to not give me a problem with getting on my feet and the rides, indescribable. I got taken aback on my very first ride on the board with the acceleration and plus I get so much more maneuverability, that I never knew I even could. I could feel the little movements under my feet, kinda hard to describe, like a more sensitive feedback. Also, Normally on my first turn, I tend to dig my rails and face plant into the wall, but not with the Rascal 🙂 Really got my confidence up to lean more into turns. I can even go right down to the bottom and then turn, which I could never have done with my 6’ 8”.

Board construction is also immaculate. A real work of art.

This is the very first custom board that I’ve come into such close proximity with, most people ride pop outs here, well I did till now.

And I’ve got to say, the precision and curves and its beauty really makes it hard to believe it was all done by hand. Amazing.

I’m also very impressed with the strength and integrity of the board. Not a single pressure ding or scratch or anything! The board looks as good as new. Is this attributable to the proxy epoxy construction?

I could go on the whole day, but I’ll stop here. (you guys are lucky I’m on the other side of the world, if not you’d find it hard to get me outta ya place, haha). Basically just want to Thank you both for the wonderful ride. From our first correspondence all the way to me taking the board into the water. Am really really looking forward to improving the way I surf with this board. Perfect sums it up. Rest assured, I will never be ordering boards from anywhere else, Proctor for life J

Best Regards,

Aaron // ht: 5’6″ wt: 137 exp: 3 yrs + rides Carvers wave type: Malaysia
5’10” x 19 7/8″ x 2 3/8” Proxy Rascal II w/ parabolic channels & 5 fin option install to ride as quad or thruster