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It feels like a skateboard on the water

The Rascal II- OMG !!!!
He was right. The Board is amazing. The extra curve in the NOSE ROCKER WOW !

It allows the board to glide and kills those rails in any pockets.

The CONCAVE DECK make it so easy to paddle, pop and maneuver.

Tight turns, crazy cut backs, quick respond .

It feels like a skateboard on the water.

Having the channels on this board allows you to keep control and at the same time give you that quick reaction. No matter the wave conditions.

Trust me, come to visit New York during the winter. You will get my point.

My man Todd……. (2) things for you.
1. Keep working your Magic
2. Keep your phone close to you. I’ll be calling soon . Your Magic is addicting !

Aloha from your New Yorkers Patricia and Rafael !!

Happy Thanksgiving from Pauli and Rafael.

Here is the first picture taken after Hurricane Sandy.

Sorry it took so long.

Rafael loves the board. He’s already thinking about upgrading perhaps this summer.

Have wonderful holidays!

Rafa and Pauli

Rafael // Long Beach, New York // age: 39 ht: 6’5″ wt: 210-220

6’8″ x 22″ x 3 1/4″ moontail Proxy Rascal II with parabolic channels

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