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All that glitters is not gold … >> A what if scenario:

Thought on a Monday morning:

All that glitters is not gold / tales from an upside down kingdom >> A what if scenario:

What if you had an invention that virtually guaranteed multi-millionaire status overnight? …Patents finalized, license agreements ready to be signed…

But during the process, you noticed that all of a sudden overnight your “friends” increased by more than you could remember all their names; and your already longtime friends seemed to change (how they talked to you, treated you, looked at you). As you were thrust into a sea of ‘what’s real’ and ‘who is a true friend’, the questions which are normally so easy to solve in normal life become exaggeratingly complex and compounded in this new “success” scenario. Things becoming much harder to define what’s real and what is not; what do you do? Follow what you’ve been told and (as Depeche Mode once said) ‘with grabbing hands grab all you can’…

Or do you turn your back on the misery of riches guaranteed you and pursue the simple quiet life that exists under the radar in the subtle solitude that comes with the peaceful striving of daily normalcy.

And here’s another statistic: virtually 100% of those victims that win the lottery find themselves only a few years later divorced, fragmented, friendless, drug addicted, suffering from depression and penniless in a wake of fractured relationships. So are these scenarios we’ve been sold actually the win big success stories that gratify?

I’ve heard it said, “Let the brother of humble circumstance glory in his high position; and the rich man consider the reality of his low estate, because like flowering grass he will pass away.”

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