you’ve found the perfect balance of stability, speed, paddleability

tail tints

I’m writing to report back on the boards you made for me and a few of my clients.

Firstly the boards you made for Alana and Michael have been a revelation coaching wise.

Both of them are doing the best surfing of their lives on the new boards. It’s been interesting to see them on slightly more refined equipment.  The arrival of those boards came at the right moment in their progression…they took to those boards instantly.

Mike did some of the best surfing I’ve ever seen him do on the first wave he got on his new Monsta on a recent trip to Mexico…he was flying….tons of speed and getting way tighter turn radius…but still catching waves easily.

With all of these boards you’ve found the perfect balance of stability, speed, paddleability (new word) and looseness, that’s what makes them so easy to surf well….instantly there is enough confidence in the equipment that you feel you’re able to push your surfing.

I think that’s the main thing I’ve enjoyed with your boards too, both past and present.  They just work…

I’m loving the 5’4″ Hideoscious…it’s reinvigorated my small waves surfing…I’m going so fast in terrible surf…it’s got me doing airs again…

The 5’8″ is exactly as I wanted it…more shortboardy. … forcing me to surf more in the pocket which I think is a good thing…and I can really lean on rail when I’m haulin…

To summarize considering the limited background info you had for each surfer…you absolutely nailed it.  I think it’s remarkable that I saw an instant, positive change in my guys’ surfing just from riding epic, bespoke equipment.  Hopefully people are saying the same thing about my surfing too 😉

Thanks again!!!

PS Everyone is so stoked on the artwork too…the finish on all of them is superb!

alana-savoir tail tints

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