Your service and quality is the best in the industry.

Hi Todd,

Not surprised at your success.

Your service and quality is the best in the industry.

Once you ride Proctor you can’t ride anything else.

Can’t decide what to get next the super Typhoon or the Rascal?

But the Monsta work so well in all conditions I want to get another one just for back up.

Took the Monsta out in some double overhead waves and it held good, better than the ghost and looser.  No speed wabbles.

tempted to take it to Bali next time, but not until I get a back up in case it breaks.

Never thought it was possible for a board to work so well all conditions, Da Monsta is pretty much a one board quiver and it’s only a 5’6″ with shortboard dimensions.

Amazing! Can’t imagine what you can come up with next.

Mark, Taiwan
5’6″ x 18 3/4″ x 2 1/8″ rounded squash tail Proxy Monsta v2 [teamlite]