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You did things ” They said couldn’t be done.”


Ahwoooo. This board won first place at the Del Mar Science Fair!!!

Todd, thank you so much.

You did things ” They said couldn’t be done.”

How you hid so much volume in such a high-performance shape is nothing short of wizardry.

Any other shape-er may have dismissed me as insane or built something that looked like a biscuit, potato or slug. I really really appreciate you going so far and above the call of duty.

That nose, how did you get so much flip? … the bottom channels and concaves, brilliant! … the front fins on the wing,sick .. the build quality OMG, did you make this with materials sent from the future?

It is beyond my dreams. Thanks again.

PS I will send footage
PSS Charissa is the best, you are very lucky to have her”

#RascSqueak 5’10” x 23 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ 52.9L | Kenny is 60/5’9″/155lb & likes to fly




got some cool pics with my spaceship yesterday