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Y’all continue to impress.

Dear Charissa and Todd,

WOW!  I just got Brandon’s board today from Fedex.  I pick him up at midnight tonight at the Airport.  I’m sorry, I couldnt resit opening the box, I justified it by telling myself that I had to check it for shipment damages from the deliver, (of course there were none, but I knew this 😉 ) and I must say I was blown away by the design!  Todd did a great job with the paint job!  At least he’ll be camoflauged from all the Tiger Sharks on the North Shore now.  Y’all continue to impress.  Thanks for your kind words and prayers.  Hopefully when I return I’ll see Proctor surfboards making their way into local shops around the island.  I have a feeling that these two boards will generate some more business from the island for y’all.  Tomorrow when we hit the surf we’ll be sure to take a picture to send yall of the terrible twosome with the sickest boards on the island!

CPT Michael P. Brabner
C Company, 2-27 IN (The Wolfhounds)