will be the future for all boards

Todd, this board is beyond anything I’ve ever ridden! I’ve had so many special boards from you, but this is something in a whole other league; so much faster, smoother, free-er and more responsive that it makes me immediately surf 50% better.

The new reverse vee on steroids with the double barrel flames running nose to tail will be the future for all boards. Every board everywhere has now become obsolete. I can’t wait to show you the Surfline can rewind clips. I found this turn so far; More to come yeeeew!!

I want to order an exact duplicate right now please, even though I’ve only ridden this one four times and it’s still in perfect shape, I know I need to have a backup on order. Thank you!” – Ricky from Oceanside

5’10” x 19 3/4” x 2 5/8” 33.3L #FalconV2 (Falcon v.2)

Ricky is 6’0”, 185lbs. ripping for 30 yrs.