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When you stand up it just feels like butter. Just surfs so smooth.

Todd…. This board you shaped me is money!!!!

Just surfed north shore pumping

dbl overhead + glass….

Then drive to the south shore and caught overhead lighthouse at diamond head.
What really stands out is the buoyancy…. Less then a normal stiff arse epoxy but more then a poly.

When you stand up it just feels like butter.

Just surfs so smooth.

A great board for a guy my size.

It’s just smooth… That’s the only way to describe it.  Everything flows together smoothly on this board.


Mahalo again
Jerid, Honolulu, HI
ht: 6’5″  wt: 185-200
Custom Proxy Titanium Series
Kevlar Compression Patch & Carbon-Hinged Flex Tail

G-4.f: 6’6″- 2 1/2″-19″

just surfed puena point on the north shore of hawaii today. 12-18 foot faces. 6’6″ G-4.f [fulcrum] no problem paddling into those waves. had it set up quad to with those sf-4’s you sent me. ill post pics tomorrow

Going on 6 months on my G4-e (f) this thing is pretty mental.

paddles amazing with that entry rocker.

Definitely worth every penny for the Proxy and kevlar patch.

thing is durable. barely a pressure ding where my poly boards have 1-2 inch depressions where my front foot goes.

Colossal wipeouts on the North shore of hawaii, broke my leash twice on this board.

surfs good in 90% of surf i encounter on the north shore of oahu and 60% of the surf i surf on the south shore.

thanks again todd!!!

8 months later….


Surfed my G4-E today on the north shore. pumping glassy surf.

the thing just keeps going and going…

ive buckled it once, huge delam in the nose…
got it prof. fixed….and its still the go to board.



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