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Handmade in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992

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Wham – Wham – Boom – Cut – Whoosh – Bam


Todd’s done it again.

Took the boards out when I got home. Perfect conditions for the board…Shoulder+ and driving down the line…

His descriptionwas right on :

Wham – Wham – Boom – Cut – Whoosh – Bam – ….

You get the picture.

Awesome again..Perfect.

Problem is my older son got a hold of it today. Put 5-fins in it, killed it, and now claims it as his board…Crap.  Gonna share…

See you later…
Brian McCarthy || Newport || Greased Rascal | 6’0″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ swallow [teamlite] Proxy epoxy