Very stable, no “wobble” and fit nicely in the pocket of these Hawaiian waves.

Board gets a lot of looks from jealous folks.

It plained out so nice today and is magic under my feet.

So much fun and paddling out and onto waves is a breeze.

Thanks again for all the help. I’m looking forward to making my morning commute to work on the carver!

Very stable, no “wobble” and fit nicely in the pocket of these Hawaiian waves.

Was very easy for me to turn left/right, pump up and down the line and float over white wash sections with amazing ease.

So bouyant that it just floated over the froth

and into a connecting section of the wave to keep the ride going.

Brandon was a bit jealous. Haven’t let him try it out yet as I’m still enjoying it way too much.

CPT Michael P. Brabner
C Company, 2-27 IN (The Wolfhounds)

WOW! Took the Comanche 6 out yesterday and was sitting well past the peak with Paddle Boarders & Longboarders catching everything they were. They kept telling me I couldn’t get into waves and that my 7’6″ was too small to be out there with them…..little did they know, “thick is the new thin!”. Caught just as many waves as them and paddling into them with ease led to some interesting conversations with the crowd! Thanks again!!!!

Michael’s daughter Keira helping him wax up his board with colored wax…
“The surfboard is a canvas. Every wax change will be a new opportunity for Keira to create.”

Met up and surfed with Joel Centeio today at Chun’s. He loved the Comanche 6 btw…

a year later….

Have had more technique breakthroughs on my C6/Apache than any other board.

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