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Underground chargers who rush it for the love

Today’s storyboard: Underground chargers who rush it for the love….who attack it because they “feel it” in their bones…guys that maybe you’ve never seen online, in the mags or in the movies…but who nonetheless have earned respect. Thiago here is one of these argonauts who by happenstance caught my eye recently when I received a random tag about an 8’2″ x 19 5/8″ x 3″ custom gun created some three years ago. I remember exactly this particular board (as I do almost every board I’ve ever shaped – one of the areas of my life where a photographic memory kicks in…which I so wish I could harness for the other areas of life). This gun had a more relaxed entry rocker, and a fuller nose outline for early glide in. It features volume forward under the chest for digging up heaps of speed in paddle, a beak nose cuz their cool and keep the nose down, and a traditional vee to flat to panel vee bottom aka Pat Curren / Brewer-esque hull for predictability and smooth glide.

And we glassed it strong all 6oz. with a thick stringer for strength for the beatings amongst moments of glory. Well, Thiago has run this thing through the ringer for the last two years throwing it at whatever Puerto has dished up, and she’s still going strong. Hats off to you Thiago!! Much respect!






photos: Daniel Nava, @mariannapiccoli @milenka.hrabovcak @chris_ramirez_photo