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it paddles you like a dream… That´s true mate!!

Hello there!!!

Well, I´m lost of words… what can I say?
Everything is so perfect!: the way you send it (perfectly protected), the fins (really incredible!), the leash, the boardbag… and the board itself!!!
Hey Todd, I´m sure I´m gonna fly with the Twin Fang.

It is such a perfect shape!!

I really love the fins, they look like the dorsal fin of a reef shark… And the chekered pattern…
As soon as I surf with it I´ll tell how it goes.


[the next day]

Hey people, this is not real… This afternoon I could surf the Twin Fang!!! Yeeeeeessss!!! Incredible as it appears! I just got it yesterday and today the first surfing session…

Do you really wanna know what do I think of the board??…
Surfing the Proctor Twin Fang is just insane!!
I´ve found the surfboard I was looking for. Because of the size, because of the thickness, because of the two fins system… because the professional way they made it!!

It is a kind of rocket, you know? It gives such a speed that you can get out the wave, ride the flat sea… and get home…I can go through the sections as I never did.

The cut-backs… they´re incredible!!.

That tail… why can it be so special?

Looks like the board is alive; so tame and so fast and maneuvrable at the same time. And, as his shaper says, it paddles you like a dream… That´s true mate!!

Tomorrow forecast bring us good news… It seems we´ll be able to ride it again… Yeah! They say I paid too much.

I say the board has been worth it.

Thanks Todd. Thanks for helping me to persevere as a mediterranean surfer. It´s difficult to surf here properly and now looks like I started to surf again. From now on, it will take me a long time to ride a thruster.
Thanks Charissa and thanks to all the Proctor Team.

As soon as I get some photograph/video I´ll send it.


Gonzalo Ballester, Castellón de la Plana
Custom 5’6″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ Twin Fang