Trouble is I sold all my short boards and only want to use the Rascal

Buenas tardes…..
The Rascal has been nothing short of amazing,changed my surfing forever!

Trouble is i sold all my short boards and only want to use the Rascal and its on its last legs. I keep patching it up trying to prolong its life.

I took it out in 4ft barrels today when everybody else was on skinny short boards and i swear i got more waves than anyone!!

and it took the drops just fine, I love it. Its my magic carpet!!

But its winter here now and i know i need a board that can handle a little more size and is more suited to the barrel but i dont want to got to the “traditional” short board.

I was thinking of the Monsta series. You do so many nice shapes is too hard to choose.

In my mind your boards suit my philosophy on surfing and no other shaper can match.

Plus you both seem really down-to-earth, humble nice people….difficult to find in the surfing world these days.

You guys need to come to Europe to shape some boards. Thanks so much, Nikai.


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