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Total quiver killer. I can say I’ve ridden it 95% of surfs since I got it.

To my favourite surfboard builders,

Hope you are doing well! Been a long time since I checked in. 

The last board I ordered is my 5’9” pavarotti (blue color) and has been an awesome board for me! Total quiver killer. I can say I’ve ridden it 95% of surfs since I got it.

Rides really fast, has a decent rail for such a short board, but mostly enjoy it for steeper / pockety beach break waves. Gets going really fast and has good feeling tail for the few tricks I’m capable of doing. Feels great going right and left. Something I’ve learned as a practicing engineer the last 2 years is ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, so Board #1 I’d like to order is a re-make of this board. Don’t want to change too much, but would like to try it an inch longer and a touch more foam. I like the thickness dimension on the one I have, so maybe 5’10” and a little wider? 
Another update is that I went on a surf trip to Pavones left point in Costa Rica in July 2021 and scored for 6 days straight. The board I rode the whole trip was the 6’2” Mendia jet stream you made for me in 2017. Ever since I’ve had that board I’ve loved surfing it in bigger lefts (north of Morro Bay Rock there are a lot of these). So despite having a newer shortboard from you (6’1” flyin 71),

I knew the 6’2” mendia jetstream would be the one to ride on the trip. That’s how it worked out and I had some of the most fun sessions of my life out there on that board. On fast waves I can push on the rail 100% and know it’s not going to slip out. But also feels really sick doing more back footed backside turns with the tail in steep sections. Couple those features with some screaming fast lefts with perfect turn sections mixed in – felt like a magic board.

So board #2 is gonna be a shortboard. Just want whatever new thing you’re making nowadays! I’ve gained 10lbs since my college days, so the 29L 6’1” and 6’2” shortboards I’ve got from you just feel too small right now. Thinking I’d go with a 6’2” in the 31-32L range. I’m getting into the 185ish weight range.
Anyways, sorry for the silent communication channel on my end for the last 1.5 years! Is there a good time next week to set up a phone call to talk out these new boards?



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