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Todd Proctor’s boards are by far the best boards I have ever stepped foot on

Let me start off by saying that Todd Proctor’s boards are by far the best boards I have ever stepped foot on. I feel that my words were a little misconstrued during this interview and a lot of the finer details were left out. So with that said let me explain what I meant by, “No boards are magic.” When someone uses the term “MAGIC” for a surfboard it usually means that the board that they are riding is SUPERIOR to anything they have been riding in their current quiver. There are boards that work good, really good, and are just too good to be put into words which in this case majority of people like to use the word MAGIC!

In my case, each and every surfboard I receive from Todd can easily or potentially be a MAGIC (or in other words amazing, superior, best board) board in my quiver. But! A lot of this MAGIC comes from within. Being healthy mentally, physically and having a good mindset can make all the difference in making that really good board into a MAGIC (or superior, amazing, or best board) in your quiver. Have you ever had a board that you thought was MAGIC, and then one day its not working like MAGIC anymore? Well that X-FACTOR is most likely you! Whether its your mindset, the waves, your physical health or whatever…the surfboard never changed and it is still a really good board, superior board, amazing board (or in other WORDS….***drum roll***….MAGIC). It is your mindset and your physical ability to make that board work the way you want it to.

The surfboards that Todd creates are all potentially MAGIC (or superior, amazing, favorite) boards but I feel that without a good mindset and a healthy body you are limiting yourself to tap into the full capabilities and performance (or MAGIC whichever word you may prefer) of any board for that matter. So with that said every board I receive from Todd is by far the best boards I have ever ridden, looked at, or placed my human feet on. If you are looking for surfboards that contain MAGICAL attributes and the potential to take your surfing to another level PROCTORS are where its at.

P.S. Dont worry if you break your MAGIC proctor, Todd can duplicate MAGIC boards better then any other shaper out there.


as seen in Surfing Magazine | photo: Seth de Roulet

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