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this thing just schooled me right through it

Hey there you two, Dan here with a testimonial to the new MonstaChief board your team made for me.

First trip out on a small day but glassy and fair shape, I got the new board into waves with ease,

the part in your video when you discuss the slightly pushed forward entry rocker is sooo awesome,

i could not believe how easy this board caught waves.

Being so used to surfing bigger longer boards i was worried just a hair about the step down to the 6’8″.

“no worries”

I found myself in the curl kind of chillin like i was on one my bigger boards and it occurred to me in that moment,” bro what are you doing you ordered this board to get a bit more aggressive on the waves”, and

with just enough curl left made a couple of sweet turns and a lip snap at the top,

something I’ve struggled with on my bigger boards

but this thing just schooled me right through it.

I can’t stop thinking about my next trips to beach because of that board.

Gotta say i was looking for the goto perfect Cali board and your team delivered. All this while not even being in my ideal surfing shape, the board paddles so well and even though at 3 1/8″ thick i could still duck dive it just fine.

I’m stoked to get this thing wired over the next few trips out, hope your business remains good because i can’t see myself ever buying a new surfboard from anyone else. By the way love the hat too.

Take care, I’ll check in again in a few weeks after riding it several more times, and also as a quad.

I might nickname this board my 7 iron.

Sorry for the long wind, had to be done. Todd & Charissa thank you

Dan // 42/5’10″/195 lb/23 years 3 x per month exp/for Orange County + San Diego
Monsta v.1-3: 6’8″ x 21 1/2″ x 3 1/8″ squash [middleweight] Titanium II