This board has an energy I can’t explain. I felt superhuman!

Hi Charissa and Todd,

OK, I’m now moving the Apex model to the Apex of my “favorite boards of all time” list

(in the same hall of fame with such greats as the Monsta and Blackbird!:)).  I

know I say this with each successive design I try, but Todd, you are the Maestro, and you’ve outdone yourself with this design!

My first session on this board was in waist high / marginal surf with a crumble and pretty closed out conditions.

I was getting 3 solid turns on average, where the other riders seemed to be lucky to get a quick haymaker to a face-plant.

The Apex was flying across the

closed out sections and feels like it

“coils” up the energy as you smack the lip,

it swivels and rockets you back into the sweet section with even more speed than before.

It truly does feel like a ball bearing under the center and does release out the back with amazing control.

I thought the first couple of waves were a fluke – but it was up to me how far I pushed it and it wasn’t a question of whether I was going to make the turn, but how hard and far I wanted to push it.

Each time, the Apex rocketed me back to the pocket with more energy / speed than the turn before.

This board has an energy I can’t explain.  I felt superhuman!

I honestly was worried that I was going to wake up from a dream and it wouldn’t be true.  This board needs to be in everyone’s arsenal.

Thanks again, Todd and Charissa!  Another HOMERUN!!!  Talk to you soon!

God Bless,

Paul // 5’9″ x 18 5/8″ x 2 1/4″ Proxy teamlite Apex

P.S.  The whiteness of this board makes my Kaenon logos (which are also white) look grimy.  This Opti White is the most beautiful clear white I have ever seen! It almost glows.  My wife wants me to take it out of the bedroom and put it on the rack because I’m keeping her up looking at it!!