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…then, 2 days ago, I got my custom Proxy Rascal II, and everything’s changed.

howdy todd and charissa,

I’ve only been on the new rascal II for 2 days now,

but i wanted to take a second to tell you why

it’s already the best board I’ve ever had.

In short, the rascal II has given me hope

that my best days of surfing are still ahead of me.

let me explain…  I started surfing at 10yrs old and I surfed frequently until the age of 18.  at that point, I was very happy with how my surfing was progressing, but then i went to college, medical school, and residency training, and

the next thing I knew I was 31 yrs old, 30 lbs heavier and

had barely surfed at all in 13 years.

But then i moved to San Francisco, and, all of the sudden, I had the opportunity to start surfing consistently again.  that said,

i thought  that i could just buy a board and

i’d pick up surfing at exactly the level where i left off…

things didn’t quite work out that way though.

throughout the last year, it was becoming increasingly frustrating to paddle out day after day and not be able to surf as well as i remembered myself surfing when i was 18.  So, I made excuses for my poor performance; i told myself that the waves i was surfing just weren’t good for high performance type surfing and that i just wasn’t surfing on the right boards.  But one year and 4 surfboards later, doubt started creeping in and I was starting to feel that maybe it wasn’t the waves or the boards, perhaps it was just me, maybe the combination of my 13 year hiatus, my advancing age, and my worsening physical condition had amounted to some absolute diminution of talent;

I was starting to feel that i just wasn’t a good surfer

anymore and that feeling was becoming extremely disheartening.

…then, 2 days ago, I got my custom Proxy Rascal II,

and everything’s changed.

now, all of the sudden, i’m flying

down sections with confidence, making tight turns, busting out and sliding the tail, and i’ve even boosted a couple of airs (and I’ve been doing all of this in some pretty terrible waves).

For the first time in a very long time, i feel like

progression is inevitable and i’m happy again with my surfing,

and that is why the rascal II is the best board i’ve ever ridden.

sorry for being so verbose, but i can’t help but feel compelled to let you know how much i love the board.

consider  me a customer for life.


Barney Dillard, San Francisco
Custom Proxy 4 Channel Rascal II, 5 fin



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