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The sensation of responsive glide and speed and flow are remarkable

Todd and Charissa,

I’ve now surfed my Bullet 6-channel single (aka THE SICKS SHOOTER!) in everything from knee high C Street, peaky T Street, 8-10’ Cottons, and today overhead barrels at HB Cliffs. Yes, the elusive peaky combo came to town here this morning and this special board just felt so right under my feet … especially with the 8.5” Alex Knost from Captain Fin. I highly recommend this setup! I’ve bought about 20 different mid-length sized single fins of all styles to play with and that’s is my #1.

One board quiver? This would be my choice. No question.


The sensation of responsive glide and speed and flow are remarkable. People are shocked when they find out it’s a single fin!

How about a Proctor Extended Family Reunion at the beach? I bet your admirers from all over would flock to the beach, bring their favorite magic boards, and just bask in the glory.

Yours truly,

Derek 7’4″ x 23″ x 3 1/4″ thumbtail Bullet/Sickle “Six Shooter” 63L Proxy epoyx [middleweight]