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the Monsta just manhandled it – this board just will not slide out.

Hey Todd and Charissa,

I hope all is well with you two and the crew at Proctor Surfboards! This past weekend was SurfRide / Christian Surfing Federation’s big championship contest at Oceanside to determine the season champions. The waves were really fun, glassy 4-6 feet, amazing weather with a lot of competitors and spectators on the beach. At the end of the day,

I ended up taking 2nd place in the contest and First place for the season.

Technically, I won the contest too, but they gave me an interference call reducing one wave by 1/2, and I still had enough points to come in 2nd place.

This is my 4th season title!

It was all about da Monsta this day

and my confidence with my equipment

was higher than it’s ever been.

When the swell jumped up to overhead in the middle of one of my heats, the Monsta just manhandled it – this board just will not slide out.

It holds in every condition – knee high to a few feet overhead!!

This could be the one board quiver and has steadily grown to become my favorite model.

That being said, of course I could drift back to G4E, Blackbird V, Accelerator, Falcon, or whichever Proctor I’ve got under my feet at the time. They are all so good and work in so many conditions. Thank you for keeping me in the best boards ever!!

I have a pretty good action shot on the Monsta and I will send these as soon as I get them cleared. Thank you so much for another great season of support!

I love representing Proctor Surfboards!!

God Bless and take care,

5’7″ x 19″ x 2 1/4″ Proxy epoxy [teamlite] Monsta v.2

P.S. Clay absolutely raves about the Ghost every day he rides it. I gotta order one of those next!!