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the Lil Rascal has had an incredible affect on my surfing ability and stoke

I can’t believe how great this board (Lil Rascal 6’1″x20″) works! I surfed 2 foot Oceanside yesterday and I felt almost like Jay Phillips:

catching waves outside with the longboaders, passing them, doing floaters and cutbacks on tiny waves.

Normally I would have gone home because it was so gutless and small, but I decided to put your “project” to the test. You passed!
A week ago I surfed Lowers and found, to my surprise, that the board worked equally as well backside. In some ways I even like it better because of the way it accelerates and snaps off the top.

The next day I was at walled, shoulder high Churches making sections no one else could. And my three friends said I was surfing better than ever.

The envy was thick. I’m still making adjustments for more in-the-pocket surfing but I have zero complaints. On several occasions, complete strangers have asked about the board.

Though I’d love to take credit and chalk it up to my surfing ability, the Lil Rascal has had an incredible affect on my surfing ability and stoke.

Don’t be surprised if you start getting calls from south Orange County.
Thanks for the insane board!
Mark Quest

Custom Surfboard: Proxy Epoxy construction: Lil’ Rascal Fish
6’1″ x 20″ x 2 9/16″