The Pavote is the shortboard that I’ve been trying to find for ages

Hi Todd,
Two days ago when I saw you, I had vector foils on the outside and the small trailer in the back. I was noticing a little bit of lag time getting up to speed and turning was little forced. The first couple days I tried it with the same twin fin (rasta keel) set up that I use on the Rascal 2, but it felt a bit twitchy.
So yesterday I went back to the basics and put in fiberglass AM1 futures.

Wow, now were talkin’!

All the speed of the Rascal 2 is there

but with even more manuveability.

I was able to get into more critical positions and really whip the board around rather than the more gliding turns of the Rascal 2, which is what I wanted.

The El Pavote is the “shortboard”

that I’ve been trying to find for ages.

Thank you so much!

But don’t worry, the Rascal 2 is not getting kicked to the curb. My board choice always depends on the conditions, and you and I both know the conditions around here are often tailor made for the Rascal 2.
Take Care,
Rob Bent, Ventura, CA
Custom El Pavote: 5’8″ x 19 3/8″ x 2 5/16″ rounded diamond winger
4 parabolic channels