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The board generated that turn and air, not me.

Todd and Charissa,

I just wanted to thank you guys again for my 5’10 Monsta stringerless board. The timing of its arrival was perfect as tropical storm Arlene is sending some nice swell to the Texas. The quick session before work was great, and the board exceeded my expectations. I have to admit I was really amped to try out the stringerless concept, though I hardly expected to be able to feel any difference… after all it’s not like my board is plastered with stickers,

I’m just the average guy surfing next to you in the lineup.

I was doubtful that I surf well enough to notice any flex in the board.

On my second wave on the board I dropped in, pumped through a section, and found the wave doubling up and closing out. I decided to hit the lip and rebound off the closeout. My speed was pretty slow as I set up the bottom turn and then what was supposed to be a small hack on a lip became a sizable alley oop. That board generated a crazy amount of torque and speed coming off that bottom turn and it was totally unexpected. So I’m a believer in the flex you were touting.

The board generated that turn and air, not me.

Thanks for shaping some unexpected results and here’s to a lot more of them! Cheers, Brad Smith Proxy Epoxy Monsta v-1.3  5’10″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 3/8″ (2 5/16″) swallow tail stringerless Carbon Rail suspension system