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the board flies like a jet

Aloha Todd & Charissa,

michael-covington-pavoteSO stoked on my whole experience with your company from the get go to the finish……. board was finished before I could ever imagine, thank you for letting me enjoy it for this summer!

The moment I unwrapped it I just saw excellent craftsmanship all over it.

Took the board out for a spin a day after and Todd was right

I had to spray an aftermarket

“racing pinstripe”

cause the board flies like a jet

in fact I call it my “mexican jumping bean” cause the board just projects itself forward!


Michael // 37/150 lb/25 yrs exp
Oahu, Hawaii
5’4”  18 3/4”  2 3/16” El Pavote HD (Hideoscillous rocker & concaves)


P.S LOVE Todd’s way with words and his philosophy on the Hidescillous tweet!

Telling my dad (self-employed partner) how impressed per the administrative/clerical side of things per email contracts/documents/invoices etc…


Michael Frothaton