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That looks like the ultimate C-Street board

Just shaped it:

A new, one-off design for Bill from Virginia Beach who travels several times a year to spend time at our beloved Ventura points. Bill is 65, 6’0”, 198lbs. and has been surfing 50+ years.

Bill has a background in competition longboarding, a proficient surfer who knows how to drive a proper arc using a long rail line.

We’ve done both #proctorperformancelongboard and #proctorperformancenoserider with great success, but last year we decided to have a little fun and diverge a bit to try something out of the box ???? with a #cruisecontrolsurfboard which is basically a crushed down performance longboard where I take about three feet out of the middle of a 9’0” and plop the nose and tail back on.

On this particular one we also added a heavily concaved #jetstreamsurfboard hull contour to it…it turned out to be a hit and was a ‘streak-a-lightnin’ little package perfect for C-street. This year we are taking that same concept and putting this outline above on it.

In the vein of naming boards after spots, my laminator saw it in my shaping room and immediately said, “Wow! What’s that? …you should call it the ‘California Street’”
…So maybe that’s what we’ll call it. Time will tell 🙂

6’11” x 22 1/8” x 2 11/16” 45L