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thank you for introducing me to the Twinny Family in the best way imaginable!

Aloha Todd and Charissa,

You must be scratching your head like, “didn’t this guy get this board like 2 years ago”, which is correct but it took me up until this long to put the board down long enough just to get back to you about how amazing an experience it provides every time it’s under my feet.
This was my first twinny and my biggest concern was loosing grip but Todd put everything at ease by uttering probably one of the coolest things you say to another human about a creation custom made for you and that being, “…don’t worry, I’m gonna make you a secret weapon”. Sure enough, its that and more!
Todd really nailed the volume issue I’ve been experiencing whilst navigating what “fun” conditions Ocean Beach SF can provide along with the sporadic weight changes due to 4/3<–>5/4 wetsuit swaps and doughnuts. Getting in early is no problem even on bigger days and with the wide-based keel fins and the sluice box concaves coupled with the robust channels, the board can just fly down the line effortlessly without any hindrance to going vertical and blowing the tail out.

I truly love this board and wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Twinny Family in the best way imaginable!

As always, thanks for what you do and the excellent service you provide and have provided me since 2009. I hope your family is safe and sane during this strange time. Stay happy and healthy???? !!
Many Mahalos, 
Jeremy 31/5’10″/165lb. 5’6″ x 20 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ (2 7/16″) PostMode Retroactive Twin Fin Fish with wood keel glass-ons