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Thank you for enabling us to have such a fun time on the water

DearTodd and Charissa,

As promised here are two pictures of Brandon and I with our Apaches.  This picture was taken right before we took Brandon back to the airport so he could fly to Iraq to finish the last three months of his tour.  I’ll be flying to Afghanistan on the 1st of April.

Thank you both so much

for the hard work and enabling us

to have such a fun time on the water.

We’ll protect your freedom so you can work hard to help us enjoy ours ;-).

Yall are truly amazing people and I look forward to getting home safely and getting back out on the surf.

Tell Todd that I’ll be looking for an “end of tour completely custom board” when I return from Afghanistan.  The name of the Infantry Company I command is “The Comanches” so it might have to be a bit more custom than the apache haha.

More to follow as I dream of this new board over the next year……..take care and God Bless!

CPT Michael P. Brabner
C Company, 2-27 IN (The Wolfhounds)

Proxy Titanium Series Apache w/ Kevlar
6’10” x 23″ x 3″ apache tail
age: 28 ht: 6’8″ wt: 245

Brandon’s Proxy Titanium Apache w/ Kevlar
6’6″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 7/8″
ht: 6’1″  wt: 187

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