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Honestly, this “talk to the shaper” thing is no baloney.

Hey Todd and Charissa,

I got the board yesterday and was psyched to see the sickest looking board ever on my couch. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use it until today and even though it missed the best part of this fun little jersey swell we had, I did get to ride it all morning on the tail end of the swell, in waist high and glassy surf. I was very happy to find that the board backed up it’s sick looks in the water.

After only my first ride I realized that your on to something special over there in Ventura.

Everything seems effortless and flowing on my new board, from the takeoff all the way to the kickout. It robert crane, custom surfboarddefinitely helps me throughout every single one of my turns, I can kind of feel it finishing off my roundhouse for me, which is pretty sick seeing as I’ve been working on it for months on my old board and now I can finally get it all the way around in one smooth motion.

On some of the bigger sets, I could actually feel this flex thing you were talking about, almost as if the board was slinging me through the turns,

especially when I really put some power into it (powerful for the 125 pound ME that is). It’s fast but not too fast where I’m out in the flats, and it paddles and rides like a dream. Plus its really light, which is awesome because I’m too light to be handling a PU the way I can handle this one. I couldn’t have asked for more.
This was my first experience ordering a custom board, and I was very very surprised. I went in expecting to ask for a board model and dimensions and any other specifications and that’s it. As evidenced by over 20 emails between myself and you, this was a very interpersonal project, with input and suggestions from both sides.

Honestly, this “talk to the shaper” thing is no baloney.

You said that I’d be stoked on a

……..magic Groveler IV.p……. well, Todd, I am.

Thanks so much for your time and effort,

robert crane, custom surfboard, east coastRobert Crane, 15, New Jersey
Custom Proxy epoxy 5’11” x 18 3/8″ x 2 3/16″ Groveler IV.p [performance]
rounded squash tail
Future EA fins

P.S. I’ll write back when I get the board in some real surf, but that may not be for a while out here in Jersey.

Hey Todd,

Since were payin the price for all the nice surf in July, just thought I’d thank you again for the board. This time, however, I have some nice pictures from some of the fun little swells we’ve had. Thanks again for the board,

it goes so great in all the conditions I’ve tried it in.

Enjoy the rest of the summer out in Ventura,

Hope its not as flat as here.

Robert Crane