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Surfing Mag, Proxy Custom Proctor Epoxy Series

Harnessing the New Order of Flex – “Proxy” Custom Flexible Epoxy
Proctor Surfboards Worldwide Custom

proctor custom epoxy – the “proxy” titanium series

Shaper’s notes:

I‘ve been working on alternative surfboard materials for 10 years with the commitment to improve technology while enhancing performance. I believe surfboard building is a unique hands-on process that will always be done best by the innovators who love the sport. The unique construction detailed here is done in our factory in Ventura, California. I custom design every board using cutting edge computer assisted design software. This allows me to detail every board keeping the quality, consistency and custom aspects of my shaping always at the forefront.

Surfer’s Feedback:

I don’t know what you do Todd but you must cast a spell or sprinkle magic dust over it or something because this hands down performs better then any other board I have tried.
I thought after reading your testimonials that maybe it was just a lot of hype but no – the board actually contains the properties of magic.
It almost feels like it is spring loaded just waiting to be fired. The best part about it has to be the way it handles turns as this is when it really shows its quality. The speed you get when coming off of the top of the lip is incredible.
You can feel the board ’spring’ off of the top and it feels a little like a sling shot.
I can’t stress enough how much better this aspect of the board is compared to other boards I’ve ridden. I seriously feel like I’m “flying” coming off the lip and down the face.
Since I have had the board I feel like I have taken my surfing to a new level and I’m having way more fun in the water.
I also feel like you listened during our consultation interview to what I needed. The board is a nice balance for taking my surfing a level up yet keeping in mind my level of experience and size. You shaped it spot on.
Anyway I couldn’t have asked for anything more and you can count me as your customer for life.
Craig Potsep, 34, Nigran, Spain
6′4″ x 18 7/8″x 2 3/8″ Groveler IV.p [performance] rounded squash tail