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Handmade in Ventura, CA ~ est. 1992



What’s your shaping philosophy?

Watch, feel, listen, create. Watch what the waves are doing so you can match the appropriate curves of a board’s design to the curve of each specific wave. Feel what the boards are doing under your feet; this is as valuable as second-hand feedback. Listen to each person that is ordering a board from me as if they are as important as the best surfer in the world. Create what is going to be the best board for that surfer by matching up the design of the board to the specific waves they are surfing and their abilities. A magic board will take you beyond what you are expecting to do on a wave….a magic board will feel like it is actually thinking a split hair second ahead of you; already on it’s way to the places you wanna be.

What led you to become a shaper?

My love for surfing; and wanting to know all about how to make boards faster and more explosive.

Who is your biggest shaping influence?

My dad. He was actually a police officer, but he taught me the importance of honor and courage in this world, and the value of being able to stand alone for what you believe in, and to always do your best and that the true and right path requires endurance.

What do others consider your expertise?

Detailing the best custom board design to match the individual surfer and the waves they surf….as well as utilizing the widest variety of individually tuned construction options for boards to have a customized flex characteristic…. for highest performance as well as unsurpassed strength.

What are your most popular models?

The Rascal II for small mushy point stuff and high tide beachbreak dribblers….a roundy nose that is the fastest board I make; combining the speed of a fish with the traction and response of a performance shorty. Turns shoulder high and under misery mush into the indy 500.

Da Monsta is the fastest, most versatile performance short/ stout-board for waves in the knee high to head high range.

The Ghost which is an extension of the Monsta rocker; just sleeked up a bit to make it the most versatile high performance shortboard I’m making. Ideal for shoulder high to overhead.

What is unique about the boards you shape?

I speak with the Creator of the universe while I design/ shape each board. I ask for creative wisdom that is beyond my own understanding; I ask for humility and insight, so that each surfer getting a board from our factory will be blessed in a way that can’t fully be explained by science or hydrodynamics. I’ve found there is a life of purposeful design that exists outside the algorithms of man’s formulas.

How is your shaping influenced by your location?

There are a lot of different kinds of waves where I live; beachbreaks, pointbreaks, small and mushy, big and hollow, big wave spots, kiddie beachies, shortboards only spots, longboards only spots…..and every kind of surfer imaginable. That is a lot of different board designs to keep my brain busy….

Are there any new technologies you’re integrating into your shapes?

Yes, we are continuing to custom tune boards with high grade composite constructions. Using hybrid foams, specialty woven carbon fibers, Kevlar for compression strength, hybrid resins to manipulate torque, etc….all this technology is now available to the surfing world, allowing surfers to have the opportunity to ride boards with custom tuned shapes that complement a wide array of flexural properties….this enables boards to create more speed by harnessing the energy of the wave’s ultimate potential.

What advice would you give to customers to help them get the best board possible?

Get your board from an experienced shaper who is willing to take the time to listen and really care about getting you on the best board for you and the waves you’re surfing.

What’s the biggest lesson learned in your shaping career?

Listen to people; really listen to what each surfer is needing from a board, then make them the board that is going to be best for them; not the shaper’s latest trip with the pro team’s boards (although that can at times be very helpful), but more importantly, listen to people, ask them the right questions about their surfing experience….then make them what is going to take their surfing to the next level.