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Supernatural Flow & Raw Aggression

I’ve been watching old Andy clips lately and wondering what it would be like if he was still around; if he had continued his progression and what he would be surfing like today.

And then I had a vision and saw as if through a glass darkly what that would look like, and that’s when I saw in the vision this board. It is a cross-between; a bridge; a joining of dichotomies from the two ends of the spectrum: *supernatural flow …and *raw aggression.

Nowadays it seems too often that I see choreographed, over-coached, graphed out surfing that has been so mechanized and broken down into formula that the divine mystery of spontaneous unpredictable power has been lost somewhere.

So it raised the question deep in my soul’s psyche, “Can you have both enlightening atonement that finds perfect balance in the material world…can you even be one step ahead of the rhythms of this material world…yet still, yet still groan with the aggression of righteous warfare?”

I think we all can agree that there are things desperately wrong in the world, and some may even say life is just a long series of pain managements, with small glimpses along the way, of the way things ought to be. Well if life be war, then let the fight be for light; for supernatural flow…and if that require raw aggression at times, then may the aggression be a battle for life and a life more full of eternal things.