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small and mushy & I got way more waves than my friend on his longboard

Hi Charissa and Todd,

I just wanted to thank you again and finally give feedback on the Lil’ Rascal I got in 2010! I know the feedback as promised is way overdue and really apologize for that. When I first tried back in 2010

it was just magical and I completely loved it, it had a completely different feel than any boards i have previously had or tried and I simply just got a lot more waves, maneuvers and time on the board than before.

By far the easiest maneuverable and best wave catching board I have tried.

Then followed a couple of quite hectic years with two little girls and not more than the occasional surf session at my local beach.

Then this weekend i went for my first surf session in probably 6-7 months and it was just as magic!

It was small and mushy waves and I went

with a friend on a longboard and

I got way more waves than him.

We swapped boards and the same happened, the Lil’ Rascal got more waves and it was still as easy and fun to ride.

I think it’s the perfect shaped board for the general conditions around Stavanger and I just love it.

In fact my surfing ability has improved with a lot less surfing time than previous which is just remarkable.

( or probably the ability level is the same but the board is just that much easier to handle that it enables me to make more out of it.)

Sorry for the long overdue feedback and thanks so much making surfing in Stavanger even more fun than it was!! When I need a new board I’ll definately call you again.

Hope all is well!!

Best regards,

Orjan Ostebo // Stavanger, Norway // 36/5’10″/198lb
6’6″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 7/8″ swallow tail Proxy epoxy Lil’ Rascal