Jay Rice is a great surfer that doesn’t follow the crowd

jay rice mug Jay Rice is a great surfer that doesn’t follow the crowd. A San Clemente local who surfs for all the right reasons as far as I’m concerned. Everytime I surf with
Jay he’s always stoked just to be in the water & has a positive outlook in general. You wouldn’t think it by looking at him though. Usually dressed in
black with no labels, except for the
occasional underground punk band or some obscure core symbol you’ve never seen before. I think he shopped once at an
army surplus store or
thrift shop
& I don’t think he’s
bought new clothes since.
I can’t tell you how many times
I’ve been surfing & the recognized rippers are
out with all the latest stickers on their boards; photographers on the beach…
and here comes Jay blowin’ up under the radar…

the heads turn and they say “who was that?”

the board I make for Jay is available as one of our shortboard models. We’re calling it the “BLACKBIRD”.

The “Blackbird” is a lively, spry backfooted bugga’. Developed around San Clemente’s variety
of waves; it loves points, reefs, and beachbreaks alike. It has a heavy single concave through the tail which gives it controlled release in the lip to re-engage for fins-free type of maneuvers, airs, reverses…

i haven’t ridden anything else for 10 years…

jay rice ulu3

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