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salty beards

nick rozsa & chris papaleo are salty. and they have beards. they also shoot insane surf videos together & give 10% of all proceeds from the online shop to local Ventura homeless. helping beards… find out more about em, for endless hours of riveting footage, and to check out their one of a kind salty gear, head on over to SALTYBEARDS.COM

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Todd’s take on Nick Rozsa…

This Ventura county local boy is from a long line of rough and tumble oceanic journeymen who would charge Todos back in the early days, and reel in fish from the sea for their sustenance…..his uncles are too many to count; a lineage of conquest and lore who ruled their prospective breaks… this day you hear legendary stories about the Rozsa brothers. His dad Jim is still ripping and lives on squid juice to pump himself up; and mom Tracey teaches gymnasts how to soar. When Nick was small, Tracey would train him on his air techniques by flipping him around on a trampoline. This family is no joke boys and girls. And señior Nicholas has so much raw surfing talent in his bones that it’s as if you can visibly see God reaching down out of heaven and sprinkling him with doses of angel dust….not the freaky kind, the real kind.