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salt water taffy hanglider

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taylor’s salt water taffy hanglider

Her name is Taylor Bronze Seal . . . I mean Taylor Bruynzeel and she is tanner than you’ll over be as she darts through the water like a happy baby seal. At a whopping 5′ 2 1/2″, she surfs like she’s ten feet tall; showing a grace that is larger than life while walking all over her longboard. Jesus, yes, Jesus himself has taught her many things. Yea, He surfs with her; walking on the water together, she feels His pleasure when they dance upon the waves. Ask her what she likes more than surfing and she’ll tell you, “nothing, but an Olas wet burrito is a close second!
The Bronze Seal gets a thrill by taking her own surfing experience and paying it forward . . . teaching others how to surf she passes along the stoke and a smile. She is a joy-filled, chill surfer who is genuinely stoked to be on the surfing scene…..and when asked where she wants to live when she gets older…..she says, “On the tip of my 9’0″ x 22″ x 2 5/8″ Performance Noserider… Proctor real-estate with a wonderful view of the future.

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