Salt Creek proved no match for the tube threading ability of the Proxy 6’4″ Ante-UP Quad you shaped me!

Hey Todd & Charissa,

The waves of November and December at Salt Creek have proved no match for the tube threading ability of the Proxy 6’4″ Ante-UP Quad you shaped me!

The board is excellent and rides equally well as a thruster or quad.  I have run FCS: PC-5 quad set and the FCS: TC Aqualine 5 fin set as a thruster and quad. The PC-5 quad makes the board hold on anything and i’m taking off way deeper than I’ve ever pushed it and they seem to draw out your turns (I prefer these on the more powerful days.) The Aqualine’s make the board much looser and even though your riding a 6’4″ it turns on dime and feel’s like a 6’0″.

The board is the best i’ve ever ridden!

Thanks for listening to the little guys out there and treating us all like family!

Many tubes!
David Fields
Salt Creek, California

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