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real-live hero spotlight

one surfer using his military service as an opportunity to bring clean sustainable water sources to Afghans.

“the Taliban can’t compete with this” – Michael Brabner



Michael’s board journey….Custom Concept board – Comanche 6

Very stable, no “wobble” and fit nicely in the pocket of these Hawaiian waves.

Board gets a lot of looks from jealous folks.

It plained out so nice today and is magic under my feet.

So much fun and paddling out and onto waves is a breeze.

Thanks again for all the help. I’m looking forward to making my morning commute to work on the carver!

Very stable, no “wobble” and fit nicely in the pocket of these Hawaiian waves.

Was very easy for me to turn left/right, pump up and down the line and float over white wash sections with amazing ease.

So bouyant that it just floated over the froth

and into a connecting section of the wave to keep the ride going.

Brandon was a bit jealous. Haven’t let him try it out yet as I’m still enjoying it way too much.

CPT Michael P. Brabner
C Company, 2-27 IN (The Wolfhounds)

WOW! Took the Comanche 6 out yesterday and was sitting well past the peak with Paddle Boarders & Longboarders catching everything they were. They kept telling me I couldn’t get into waves and that my 7’6″ was too small to be out there with them…..little did they know, “thick is the new thin!”. Caught just as many waves as them and paddling into them with ease led to some interesting conversations with the crowd! Thanks again!!!!

Michael’s daughter Keira helping him wax up his board with colored wax…
“The surfboard is a canvas. Every wax change will be a new opportunity for Keira to create.”

Met up and surfed with Joel Centeio today at Chun’s. He loved the Comanche 6 btw…


I really, really, really miss my Apache!


Greetings Proctor Family,

Just wanted to say all is well here in Afghanistan and I really, really, really miss my Apache!

I’ll be taking leave in December for Christmas with the family

(and for good conditions on the North Shore)

and I’ll be linking back up with Brandon McConnell who now lives on the point between Lani’s and Chun’s. Can’t wait.

Hope all is well with the biz and that your still helping folks along with their journey in life and surfing.



6’10″ x 23″ x 3″ Proxy Apache w/ Kevlar compression patch
5 fin quad/thruster install

Thank you for enabling us to have such a fun time on the water

DearTodd and Charissa,

As promised here are two pictures of Brandon and I with our Apaches.  This picture was taken right before we took Brandon back to the airport so he could fly to Iraq to finish the last three months of his tour.  I’ll be flying to Afghanistan on the 1st of April.

Thank you both so much

for the hard work and enabling us

to have such a fun time on the water.

We’ll protect your freedom so you can work hard to help us enjoy ours ;-) .

Yall are truly amazing people and I look forward to getting home safely and getting back out on the surf.

Tell Todd that I’ll be looking for an “end of tour completely custom board” when I return from Afghanistan.  The name of the Infantry Company I command is “The Comanches” so it might have to be a bit more custom than the apache haha.

More to follow as I dream of this new board over the next year……..take care and God Bless!

CPT Michael P. Brabner
C Company, 2-27 IN (The Wolfhounds)

Proxy Titanium Series Apache w/ Kevlar
6’10″ x 23″ x 3″ apache tail
age: 28 ht: 6’8″ wt: 245

Brandon’s Proxy Titanium Apache w/ Kevlar
6’6″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 7/8″
ht: 6’1″  wt: 187