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but the Rascal showed them that there was rideable surf…

I want to thank Todd again for the Rascal. It has been perfect for me in this mostly always Texas wind blown chop. This last Saturday the local surf forecast said there was no rideable surf but the Rascal showed them that there was rideable surf. The below email sure helped my ego too.

[…..Hey Jim ….you are my inspiration now because you are older than me and you were tearing it up out there. I definitely want to introduce you to my surfing buddy’s. You will fit right in with our so called “Over the hill gang”. Hopefully we’ll have some good waves soon and we can hook up down in Galveston. Don’t work too hard, Bobby… ]

Jim Lattis, 50, Katy, TX
7’6″ x 22 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ Lil’ Rascal Round Nose Fish, Custom Proctor Epoxy “PROXY”

…Hi Todd,

On Thursday through Saturday we had thunder storms and very high offshore winds. Then a cold front came through early Saturday evening and by Sunday morning there were clean waist to chest high waves. It was only the second time this winter that the conditions have been as good. I had a great day.

Thanks again for the Rascal. It has truly helped bring back a magical time in my life.

I absolutely love being in the water again….Jim

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