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I have literally ridden it for 4 weeks straight every single day of the week

Todd and Charissa,

Well this email is horribly late but I blame that solely on the board you made me.  The lime green 5’9″ x 19″ 7/8 x 2″ 3/4 Rascal II you built for me is in a word…. “insane”.  I have literally ridden it for 4 weeks straight every single day of the week and am continually impressed with how it performs.

It has turned around what would normally be a boring surf sessions in gutless surf into killer sessions.

The board just kind of lifts up underneath your feet giving you a gliding/ skimming feeling that I have not experienced before.

My surfing has never looked or felt better and I can’t thank you enough for that!

I know that this board is reported as a “small wave / gutless surf” board, but I have to say

it is one of the most versatile boards
I have ever ridden.

With the 5 fin setup, I can make adjustments for when faces start jacking up to give the board more bite into the wave (It ripped right through pumping head high to HH+ waves).  The waves have gotten quite a bit bigger the last two days and I moved back to my standard shortboard……

I lasted for all of 4 rides before I pulled the Rascal II out again.

That would be my only complaint about this board,

I want to ride it in everything!!

I will definitely be calling upon you in the future for another board.

Thanks again to both of you!  Todd for making the board I always wanted and Charissa for being hands down the coolest person to do business with.

Matthew Glaspey (customer for life), San Diego, CA
Custom Surfboard: Proxy Epoxy construction: Rascal II
5’8″ x 19 7/8″ x 2 3/8″ moontail
4 parabolic channels, FCS 5 fin install, GAM with GX rears for quad or thruster setup