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pretty sure this will turn out to be the best board I’ve ever owned

I bought a 7’0″ MonstaChief from you about two months ago.

Immediately my wave count went up!

The thing paddles so incredible, way better than my old 8-0.

There has been a definite “Learning curve” as it is so lite and — OH BABY — so loose.

First day I struggled as I spun out on every wave or just got squirly and ate it. Slowly I’ve been figuring it out and loving it more each time I ride it.

Today I finally got it in some good surf, my wife asked me how it was and

I proclaimed ” My board and I are one.”

I’ve surfed for almost 40 years and I’ve always noticed that if I struggle on a board the first day, they usually turn out to be magic.

I’m pretty sure this will turn out to be the best board I’ve ever owned.

I got a few cracks of the top today, and you are right–

It throws buckets of biblical proportions!

Thank you so much And May God Bless You!!! Tim Smith Arroyo Grande // 50/6’4″/270lb/surfing since 7th grade

Proxy Epoxy [super-duty] MonstaChief // 7’0″ x 22 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ squash

P.S. You are right on this also… I now have a quiver of one.